Our company idea came together at the end of 2014 after spending the summer of that year working on a business proposal in the Middle East of which was totally unrelated but opened the door to ‘Tyre Sealant’ and our business today.

During that time, we were introduced to a department that were under a trial with an American sealant product which was coming via a third-party country of which they were planning to use in multiple agency transport sectors to keep both their vehicles on the road, reduce tyre related downtime and make considerable savings.

Once our business was concluded we returned to the UK with at first a brilliant idea, but we need to test, test and test again.  We initially went to the American supplier but after carrying out substantial testing under the guidance of a qualified mechanical engineer we found some real issues with the product itself and how it performed in real life road conditions and therefore the decision was taken to look at other suppliers.

After carrying our many trials on various products, we finally stumbled on a UK manufactured product that stood up to what we needed and quite simply “did what it said on the tin”.  After agreeing terms with our supplier, we formed Automotive Majic Goods & Services Ltd which was a play on words with the then directors’ initials and not a simple spelling mistake as many people like to point out!!

From this point we started to develop our company and started getting out into the marketplace albeit small orders at first, it was not plain sailing, and we did meet much opposition specifically from tyre companies that quite frankly do not like what we do because in the main we are wanting to extend a tyres life (where safe to do so) and they want to simply sell expensive tyres.

Jump forward to 2020 the pandemic hits and like many others our business grinds to a halt, however we see an opportunity to carry out some internal restructuring and we decide to re-brand and refresh so that when the pandemic is over, we can move forward with renewed vision.  And so ‘Entyrely’ was born, again another play on words but we think it is fantastic.  Added to this we had new uniforms, new website, and a new focus to help customers reduce their tyre related issues in the years to come.


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