You work tirelessly.
But your cars and vans can’t.

Keeping your fleet safely on the road.

Commercial and fleet vehicles are vital to the UK economy. But many businesses are putting their productivity at risk by failing to protect their vehicles against being off road due to poor maintenance and breakdowns.

Tyres make up 13% of all breakdowns. And, with many vehicles not having a spare wheel, a significant number of these will be ‘puncture-no -spare’ jobs which would typically be very difficult for a business to get fixed.

That’s where we come in. It’s our mission to reduce vehicle down time and help make every journey safer by effectively sealing punctures from the inside. With our high-tech sealant inside, they’ll be enhanced with an extra layer of reliable, proven protection.

One that makes them resistant for their lifetime to the kind of small punctures that stop cars and vans in their tracks every minute, every day. So you can keep on moving with complete confidence that your tyres won’t let you down.

Had a flat? We can still help

Depending on the size and location of the tyre damage, entyrely can work just as well as a post-puncture repair. We could install our sealant in all four tyres and you could drive away with the complete vehicle protected for less than the cost of one tyre.

However, to check if entyrely is right for your circumstances we would always recommend getting your tyres checked by one of our qualified experts.

Tyres are responsible for generating the second biggest volume of call-outs, making up 13% of all breakdowns.

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