entyrely Keeping your wheels safely on the road.

You work tirelessly. But your cars and vans can’t.

It’s our mission to reduce vehicle down time and help make every journey safer by effectively sealing punctures from the inside. With our high-tech pre puncture tyre sealant inside, they’ll be enhanced with an extra layer of reliable, proven protection. One that makes them resistant for their lifetime to the kind of small punctures that stop cars and vans in their tracks every minute, every day. So you can keep on moving with complete confidence that your tyres won’t let you down.

Tyres are responsible for generating the second biggest volumeof call-outs, making up 13% of all breakdowns.

entyrely formulated for all-round protection

Protect against blowout
Blowouts can be a dangerous experience. One minute a vehicle is travelling normally, the next it can disintegrate, causing your vehicle to suddenly lose control and putting driver, passengers and other road users in danger.

They’re usually caused by small punctures that cause the tyre to lose integrity, creating a blowout and destroying the tyre. Blowouts are also caused by tyres being under-inflated which allows for a build up of heat which can cause them to explode under pressure. Installing our pre puncture tyre sealant gel prevents punctures and stops leaks by sealing them immediately as they happen. Creating a permanent barrier that will last as long as the tyre is designed to.

Protect against downtime.
Every driver and fleet operator knows that punctures are an inconvenient and time-wasting problem. With entyrely sealant inside, you’ll notice the benefits outside with more hours on the road and less on the hard shoulder.

Protect your bottom line
entyrely pre puncture tyre sealaent is a cost-effective move. From just £49.99 per vehicle*, you won’t just be saving on the price of replacing or repairing tyres, but also on costly holdups and missed journeys that can cause even more damage to your business. Plus, it extends tyre life by helping them wear uniformly and maintaining tyre pressure.

*49.99 based on a standard sized family (Volkswagon Golf or similar)

In a recent road test, we helped a client save 8% on fleet fuel costs.

How we do it

Sealant gel is inserted into the tyre by an expert technician via the air valve. Each tyre (depending on size) is filled with the correct volume of sealant. They’ll make sure correct coverage is achieved. Then you’re good to go.

The Science Inside – How we Prevent Tyre Punctures:

 the moment your tyre becomes punctured. As the tyre is pierced or the object that caused it is removed, it fills the hole instantly to:

  • Coat the puncturing object with gel, sealing the unit untilexpelled due to lubricity or it’s removed
  • Create seal that lasts as long as the life of the tyre
  • Prevent loss of air between the rim and the tyre bead due to the excellent inner tyre coverage

In a moving tyre, the gel also gives excellent inner coverageto eliminate porosity, so less re-airing is required. That is is how our amazing product prevents tyre punctures.

Had a flat? We can still help – entyrely works just as well as post-puncture repair. You could drive away with the complete vehicle protected for less than the cost of one tyre.

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